Harpy Eagle Life

Harpy Eagle

Residing deep in the rainforests of the Western Hemisphere, the harpy eagle has a striking figure. With its black and white colors, the royal crown of feathers, and long, graceful tail, this species offers an unmistakable sight in its natural habitat. Despite the demographic decline, it is currently widespread in a large swath of territory … Read more

Guinea Fowl Life

Guinea Fowl

It is often seen wandering the plains of Africa and cutting to the ground for food. The pharaoh family is made up of about seven to ten species, each with its own unique appearance and behavior. Together they fill an ecological niche similar to many other large birds elsewhere. The painted helmet is the only … Read more

Grouse Life


Grouse are robust, medium-sized birds that live in the Northern Hemisphere. Their feathers closely resemble their habitat. This plumage provides camouflage and helps them survive. The capercaillie is closely related to chickens, turkeys, and pheasants. About eight million of these wild highland birds are hunted annually for food or sport in their grassy, ​​wooded habitat. … Read more

Green bee-eaters Life

Green bee-eaters

It is known for its small size, unique sound, slender body, and shiny plumage, as well as being one of the most beautiful birds. It is found in a variety of wooded areas in sub-Saharan Africa, Western Arabia, and East Asia. While not in danger of extinction, it is experiencing a decline in its natural … Read more

Gouldian Finch Life

Gouldian Finch

The head, chest, abdomen, and back show an elegant rainbow of different colors. Unsurprisingly, this species is highly sought after in the pet trade. However, after decades of decline, the Gouldian’s finch now faces the prospects of an uncertain future. The standard Gouldian finch comes in three different facial varieties. About 70-80% have black faces. … Read more

Golden Oriole Life

Golden Oriole

The golden oriole (also known as the Eurasian oriole), is a small species of bird found throughout Europe and western Asia. The name Golden Oriole is believed to have arisen during the 18th century after the classical Latin word for gold. Although nearly indistinguishable in appearance, some believe that the golden orioles found in Europe … Read more

Cassowary Life

Cassowary Life

The cassowary is a large species of flightless bird that is found natively in the forests of Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands. The cassowary is closely related to other large flightless birds, including emus and ostriches, and is the third tallest and second heaviest bird in the world behind these two. The cassowary inhabits … Read more

Blue Jay Life

Blue Jay

Mark Twain, a fan of the beautiful and graceful blue jay, once said, “There’s more to a jay than any other creature. You can call a jay a bird. Well, to some extent it is because it has the feathers and maybe he doesn’t belong to any church, but otherwise, he’s human like you and … Read more

Birds Of Paradise Life

Birds Of Paradise

Birds of paradise are a group of birds found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, mainly in the jungles of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and parts of eastern Australia. Birds of paradise are best known for the beautiful variety of feathers that exist on male birds of paradise, which the male bird of paradise uses … Read more

Barn Owl Life

Barn Owl

They are widespread, one of the most widespread bird species on earth. Barn owls keep the rodent population at bay wherever they live, mainly by hunting rats and mice. In many cultures, they are seen as messengers of death or symbolize the afterlife. In England, these owls usually live in cemeteries. This has given them … Read more