The 3 Best Dog DNA Test Kits: Reviewed for 2021

As more and more pet owners adopt mixed breed dogs, many are wondering, “What is the best DNA test kit for dogs?” Is your partner partly terrier or labrador retriever? Want to know how to know if your dog is related to a wolf? We do, so we ordered all of the best dog DNA testing kits on the market today and, after extensive research, picked the top three.

What makes a breed DNA test important is that it allows you to find crucial health information related to your best friend based on the composition of the breed. The test can reveal whether your dog is at risk for developing certain diseases or specific genetic disorders. This not only alleviates your fears about potential health problems your dog may face in the future, but it can also help you plan such an event. In some cases, it can help your vet rule out any health problems your dog may have. With the correct test, you can better understand how to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Of course, not all of these tests are the same. And they certainly aren’t cheap. So, if you plan on having one, you need to make sure you get the best dog DNA test that suits your particular needs and budget. Below we have compiled a list of tests that we have found to be the best on the market according to experts and the various dog drool among us.

The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is our pick for the best overall dog DNA test on the market today. It was the most complete and accurate test of our tests. The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit has earned our trust because it analyzes 200,000 genetic markers and compares it to over 350 dog breeds, as well as coyotes, wolves, dingoes and stray dogs in its database. One of the AZ Animals staff members was surprised to learn that his little dog actually has a mix of Chow / German Shepherd. The physical appearance can really be deceiving. According to Embark, their testing accuracy is “over 99.99% for health tests” and 95% to 99% for breed results.

Using the same comprehensive database, Embark also provides you with your dog’s family tree – possible relatives based on their genetic makeup. You and most importantly your dog will have the opportunity to connect with other puppies who share your DNA. You can talk about the special quirks your dogs have in common and even schedule a play date (if they feel like it).

It’s not all. The kit also analyzes more than 200 genetic diseases. The report gives you an explanation of what the results might mean for your dog and what actions you can take. The report also includes a consanguinity score and a list of your dog’s physical traits. By the way, all results can be downloaded in a report that you can share with your vet.

Aside from the depth of information obtained, we appreciate the ease of use of the kit; the instructions are complete with pictures. The platform was also easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly read through the various sections of the report.

Although it is the most expensive test on the market, breeders are offered a discount and an interest-free payment plan. Additionally, we like to conduct the research surveys that Embark uses to gather additional data to guide future scientific discoveries.

Obviously our review team was quite happy with this test. However, some clients have told us that sometimes the results took longer than the promised 2-4 weeks. One reported not getting results for several months. In addition, Embark sends you a number of email updates, including promotional ones. While this does not

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